Robust digital display system with content under your control.

A digital display is only as good as the content shown. Far too often outdated content languishes on the displays, because the content management system is too hard to update or the solution lacks the flexibility to adapt.

Enter Immedia.

We’ve applied our own custom front end editing system to the best hardware solution available. This creates a complete package that’s easy to use, maintains your company’s branding, and is tailored to your unique requirements.

Our team of writers, designers, and programmers will help you develop a presentation that delivers your message in an effective and professional manner, while maintaining brand guidelines and corporate identity. 

Think of us as your own personal digital display agency.  We want you to look your very best on the screen.

The Hardware


Brightsign: A name that is synonymous with digital display.  Developed by the creator of Roku and the DVR, this hardware platform is the best on the market at delivering HD Video, RSS Streams, HTML pages, and other multimedia content.

The Software

For you, By Us

Most Content Management Systems (CMS) are built to facilitate the greatest number of clients with a single application interface.  This “one size fits all” approach leads to broad generalizations and assumptions in order to service the greatest number of clients.  At ILF, our approach is a bit different. Each Immedia CMS is custom programmed and developed to meet your unique needs.

The Process

Getting it right

Your business is unique and so is your message.  Our proven strategy ensures the content on your digital displays represent your company in the best possible way.


Meet & Plan

Find out exactly what you need, and create a customized digital display plan unique to your business.


Content Creation

ILF writers, designers and programmers bring your digital display plan to life, with personalized and well-branded elements.



Digital display elements are presented, and tweaks and/or adjustments are made from your input.


Equipment Delivered

Equipment is minimal and set-up is easy. ILF will custom install, or you take the reins. Your call.



If you decide to manage content, ILF walks you through step-by-step. If ILF manages content, just kick back, relax and watch the magic on your monitors.

The Benefits

A truly unique Solution

Separating the hardware from the  software allows us to create a truly unique solution for each customer. Here’s some of the benefits of this approach.

Custom Content
Personalized digital display plan. Unique content specifically designed for your company.
Easy to use. Easy to update. Content always fresh.
ILF writers, designers and programmers at your disposal.
On Target
Consistent branding and professional look. No more homemade elements designed around clip art.
Brightsign – the best hardware platform on the market. Bulletproof and reliable.
Easy setup with minimal equipment. Plug and play.
As much control over content management as you want. ILF’s here to take on whatever you don’t.

The Result

effortless Content

The final result: A content management system developed with you in mind.  A digital display that gets used – and used well.  Effortless updates. On-point messaging.  Consistent branding and style. 

Goals met.


Robust digital display system with content under your control.


Multi-camera videoconferencing with live chat, polls, multimedia display, and much more.

Aerial Samples

Jim Swoboda, Director of Photography


Aerial Samples

Jim Swoboda, Director of Photography