Multi-camera videoconferencing with live chat, polls, multimedia display, and much more.

The world is changing. And so is the way we present ideas and information. Large multi-day conventions in expensive hotels are becoming a thing of the past. Whether it be time constraints, budget considerations or health concerns – businesses today are turning to live stream video, webinars and online presentations.

The Impetus

The Only Constant Is Change

Webinars and live streaming are NOT new. However, in the spring of 2020 we all got a Coronavirus crash course in videoconference communication. It was a lesson that helped many realize the power of live stream technology. And it was a lesson that revealed the advantages video conferencing brings to our business communication models.

The Challenge

The show Must Go On

So, you have a presentation. And you have an audience. But you also have time, budget – and sometimes even health concerns getting in the way. That’s the time when live stream technology can be an asset for your business. After all, when the show must go on, what better way than streaming it live with multiple cameras, professionally produced multimedia and two-way communication with your audience?

The Implementation

Quality matters

Today’s internet connections and infrastructure allow for media rich content, quality graphics, and high definition video.  As more people transition to virtual meetings, the viewer’s expectations increase.  A Zoom meeting in front of a webcam just won’t cut it anymore. Here’s how LiveMeld  helps give your presentation the professional look and feel it deserves:


Broadcast quality Gear

A video/audio production house with a $2-million set of tools at our disposal. We’ve got the gear you need. All HD and all ready to roll.


Experienced personnel

In-house skills in writing, producing, shooting, editing, programming and design. A combined 150+ years of experience. That doesn’t just mean we’re old – it also means we know what we’re doing.


Technical & Creative Synergy

A natural bond created by 20+ years of geeks and artists working together. We know each other well, and our individual talents meld together to assure the success of your production.


Live Production

When it’s live, you only have one shot to get it right. LiveMeld brings a combined 40-years experience in the producing, directing, technical directing and shooting of high-end, fast-paced live broadcasts.

The Details

Addressing each piece of the puzzle

A successful webinar requires perfect execution of hundreds of tasks. Here’s a look at a few of those tasks, and some of the crew that will handle that for you.

Sign Up
We provide a customized portal page for your clients to sign up and register for your webinar.
We collect and store all clients registration information for future communication and post sales messaging.
We keep your registrants up to date on times and schedules with meeting reminders, post meeting thank you's and follow ups.
Pre Meeting Testing
We supply pre-meeting testing tools for each client to ensure they are ready for your meeting. We also provide technical support should they run into issues.
Executive Producer
ILF’s Executive Producer has over 30 years producing media projects - with 12 of those years spent producing and directing fast-paced live broadcasts.
Technical Director
ILF’s Technical Director has logged over 30 years of work in live sports coverage as both a technical director and camera operator. His resume includes many national and regional live sports networks – including ESPN and Fox Sports.
IT Specialist
Our IT specialist has over 30 years experience handling the technical aspects of our creative industry. With a broad knowledge base spanning fine art, computer programming, and network administration, he is the glue that holds the pieces together.
Optional support staff
ILF employees a talented team of writers, designers, programmers, photographers and editors. Any of our team members are available for your project should you have need.
Broadcast Quality Gear
From cameras to microphones to switchers. All top-of-the-line, broadcast quality equipment on site and ready for your presentation. Includes a Red Epic 8K camera.
Music Library
An in-house music library with thousands of song and sound effects.
HD Live Switching
HD video and audio boards that allows us to switch between dozens of live inputs.
2 Way Dialog
Including Chat, Questions, Polls and Whiteboard.
Production Tips
We bring our extensive years of live broadcast and computer programming experience to your project.
Just like the commercials
We can make you look your best with professional lighting, hair & makeup - all the bells and whistles used on a high end television commercial.
Triple Redundancy Recording
Takes away any worry about whether your presentation is saved. No matter how many hours or days you need to record.
Production Studio
Complete with dressing area, kitchen, break room, and all the comforts necessary for an extended live production.
Every portion of the webinar is recorded and digitally stored for future access including transcripts of chats, questions, and polls.

The Result


The game has changed when it comes to conferences and meetings, and now there’s a whole new set of challenges to master. You’ve traded hotel and flight bookings for video bitrates and compression codecs. But don’t fear. ILF has the experience and technology to help you leapfrog ahead of these challenges, and allow you to focus on what’s important: Your message and your audience.


Multi-camera videoconferencing with live chat, polls, multimedia display, and much more.

Aerial Samples

Jim Swoboda, Director of Photography



Robust digital display system with content under your control.

Aerial Samples

Jim Swoboda, Director of Photography