An interactive educational mobile station

This joint effort with Cornerbooth is the very definition of “multimedia.” We converted a Dodge Ram Promaster 1500 into a rolling presentation powerhouse, capable of educating large crowds on the benefits of hydroelectric power – all from a self contained, hands free, custom application.

The Platform

A "Van"-

We started with a standard cargo van and wrapped it in a stunning design, transforming the work truck into a rolling billboard.

The Presentation

Fun +

Cornerbooth Media then developed a 5 minute educational piece on the benefits of hydro-power. ILF interspersed interactive games throughout the video to teach the viewer how dams work.

The Implementation

Hands Free Technology

Non-contact interactivity was an essential requirement for this project. ILF developed a system that allows for interactivity while maintaining a contact-free experience. The result is a unique way to educate and entertain. 3 key components allow the system to work flawlessly.



The HDMI video signal is transmitted through Microsoft’s Display Adapter  and the audio via Bluetooth, removing all cable hookups from the system.



We replaced the traditional mouse with Ultraleap’s optical hand tracking module for a hands-free interactive experience.



We merged the video, gaming, and hand tracking into a seamless presentation using Unity’s game development SDK.

The Details

Putting the
Pieces Together

To pull off this project, a multitude of components needed to come together. Here’s just a few.
Custom Engineered
Every electronic component was custom designed and wired.
110 Output
Each side of the van was equipment with 110 output for the 65" displays.
110 Output
We made the power accessible from outside the van.
110 Output
The plugs were strategically positioned to hide the cabling behind the monitors.
DC Power
An 800W power inverter allows the electronics to charge while in transit.
Monitor Cart
A monitor cart was custom designed and fabricated to transport the 65" monitors.
Heavy Lifting
The van was equipped with winches on either side to aid in the placement of the monitors.
Heavy Lifting
Each winch is controlled with a separate wireless remote control.
Heavy Lifting
A third winch is used to aid in loading and unloading the monitor cart.
Heavy Lifting
The cart and winch combo make loading and unloading a breeze.
Wireless Audio
Sound is delivered wirelessly via Bose Bluetooth speakers.
Media Stations
A custom kiosk was designed and fabricated to hold the tablets, speakers and Leap controllers.
Custom Programming
The presentation was developed in Unity and runs on Microsoft Surface tablets.
Safe Storage
All media components are stored in a protective housing while in transit.
Interior Mods
The interior was modified with custom lighting, storage, and workspaces.
Wireless Display
The video is transmitted from the tablets to the display via the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.
Dual Awnings
Each side of the van was equipped with Fiama powered awnings.

The Result


The final result: Two 65″ high definition displays mounted to the side of an awesome looking van.  Each monitor displays a version of the presentation, both capable of hands-free interaction from the viewer.  Setup takes less than 10 minutes and can be completed with as little as 2 people.  The mobile station is completely self contained and includes everything necessary to run, including a portable generator for those situations where land-power is unavailable!


Multi-camera videoconferencing with live chat, polls, multimedia display, and much more.

Aerial Samples

Jim Swoboda, Director of Photography



Robust digital display system with content under your control.

Aerial Samples

Jim Swoboda, Director of Photography